Surfing For the Best ICO Development Service Company

To keep matters simple, ICO is nothing but fundraising. The only difference being the currencies. Unlike the standard world where the participants of the crowdfunding give fiat currencies, ICO thrives completely on cryptocurrencies.

Ico development service

What services does an ICO development company provide?

Funded cryptos are used to develop the team’s business. To launch an ICO, there are numerous formalities and procedures. If you are looking to develop an ICO, you don’t necessarily do it all alone.

The quick, easy and most preferred method is to hire an ICO development services company that would stay by your side till the very end of your ICO launch.

Here is a list of the services the companies usually provide.

White Paper

A white paper is a detailed explanation of your token. It consists of crucial information like tokenomics, purposes and a lot more.

Light Paper

This is the condensed form of the white paper. It is easy to read and has only the most important information, unlike the white paper.


It is the highly significant presentation that is mandatory to put your business forward amongst the investors.

Landing Page

This is important for every ICO as this is the main web page that all the investors will be directed to.

Marketing plan

A strong and steady marketing plan is very important to keep the marketing going for an amazing launch.

ICO Dashboard

A cool dashboard for all your investors to know the necessary details and to buy the tokens and to check them.

Token creation

The development company will do thorough research and deliver you the most reliable token to sell your investors.

Press release kit

A complete press release kit stating the stages of PR for your tokens that will be launched during the whole process.

ICO Launch

The ICO developments services providers aka the company will be with you till the very end of your launch.

If you are looking for an ICO development services company, you can get in touch with

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